Pharmaceutical Waste

Managing pharmaceutical waste can be time consuming and create difficult compliance and training challenges. Convoluted sorting practices can wreak havoc when asking your staff to try and learn what goes into which bucket, and non-compliance can result in significant financial risk. Our Pharmaceutical Waste services offer much needed simplicity and much desired peace of mind.

Download Park Nicollet's Pharmaceutical and Hazardous Waste Case Study
Download Fairview Pharmaceutical and Hazardous Waste Case Study

OneContainer™ Program

Clean Harbors offers a very unique, customer-centric approach to managing pharmaceutical waste. Because we own several unique incinerators, we do not require the same segregation as other providers. This allows all of your waste to go into a single container for disposal. Our OneContainer Program eliminates frustrating hours of having your employees stepping away from their jobs in order to segregate and document waste. Our program not only gives you that time back but eliminates ongoing training, extra containers cluttering your facility and the immense risk of non-compliance. And the great news is that due to the efficiency of our system, there is little to no additional cost from what you’re incurring today.

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DEA Controlled Substances

Clean Harbors has a solution for managing your DEA controlled substances. Contact us for more information.